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Contemporary Memorials

Bird Bath/Sun Dials

These are larger and more individual granite memorials. Together we would help you choose the right location for this type of memorial. Again we offer a choice of styles and colours. Ashes can be interred nearby if required.

Granite Benches

These benches are found in the Healing Garden, alongside the Barbican and granite planters. They are made from Honeycomb Granite and a plaque is included on the back for your wording. If required a photoplaque can be added also.

Reflection Stone

The reflection stone is a unique cremation memorial with a beautiful natural appearance. The stone is basalt which is an igneous rock formed from cooling lava. Basalt is usually grey but will characteristically exhibit a wide range of shading including brown and rust-red due to oxidation.

Each stone can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one and the ashes may be scattered or buried close to the stone. The inscription is engraved on a tempered glass panel attached to the top sloping face of the stone.

Wooden Benches

The dedication of a bench has been a popular way of remembering a loved one’s life for many generations. Wooden memorial benches are available and located within the Gardens of Remembrance, in areas of peace and tranquillity. The wooden bench may be dedicated with an inscribed bronze plaque.